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Sealcoating Or Rejuvenation? The Eternal Dilemma Of The Project Manager

Sealcoating Or Rejuvenation? The Eternal Dilemma Of The Project Manager

As an estate or project manager you have a responsibility to your client to maintain it cost effectively. More »


Sealcoating Or Rejuvenation? The Eternal Dilemma Of The Project Manager

As an estate or project manager you have a responsibility to your client to maintain it cost effectively.

You will probably be aware of the existence of both asphalt rejuvenator and asphalt sealcoat, as products which might help extend the life of your asphalt paving.

And you might have also noted that some asphalt paving contractors have strong feelings either way when it comes to these products. Often, an asphalt driveway contractor will have a preference.

Sometimes, you might find that some asphalt paving companies do not favor the asphalt rejuvenator.

As a premium asphalt paving company, we offer both products as a bespoke service.

Here’s everything you need to know about both sealants and rejuvenators to help you decide which treatment is right for you.


An asphalt rejuvenator is something which maintains and refreshes an asphalt pavement. This is a treatment which goes onto the surface of the paving and is bituminous.

A rejuvenator is created to reactivate the asphalt binder that has become eroded through effects of the weather and also oxidation.

They are favored as they offer a more cost effective alternative to overlays. They are also a green solution for your asphalt paving needs.

Our asphalt rejuvenator is a highly effective, specialized and top quality treatment for asphalt paving. It is a water based emulsion which will not damage the environment.

We Recommend


Mega Pave is our own unique asphalt emulsion rejuvenator. It has been scientifically formulated to protect asphalt paving from water erosion and oxidation.

By choosing Mega Pave you can significantly extend the lifespan of your asphalt paving as well as beautifying it in the process!

Mega Pave asphalt rejuvenator will leave your asphalt pavement with a glossy, thick and shiny black coating.

It is an easy to use single coat application, which is quickly absorbed into the surface of paving.


We would recommend the use of Mega Pave for paving such as country roads, airport runways, shoulders on highways, residential roads and as a top coat for chip and slurry seals.


An asphalt rejuvenator such as Mega Pave will help prevent against paving erosion such as raveling.


We find that customers in a hotter, dryer clime favor rejuvenating their asphalt paving.


A sealcoat has a very similar function as an asphalt rejuvenator.

Designed to help lengthen the lifespan of the binder which holds the paving together, like rejuvenator, it also improves its cosmetic appearance.

In addition to leaving a truly black and glossy finish, an asphalt sealcoat will act like a kind of sunblock for your paving. It helps guard against the erosion from UV rays as well as sealing your paving from the rain.


We Recommend


Pro Guard is a high quality asphalt sealcoat, designed to keep the body and color of the pavement.

It extends the durability of an asphalt pavement and protects its underlying base.

Pro Guard is environmentally friendly and does not contain either PAHS or coal tar.

Containing recycled elements, this is a water based emulsion sealcoat which cools surface temperatures to a level which will help prevent sun damage to your road surface.


Pro Guard sealcoat is used by highways agencies up and down the land, as well as by private homeowners, landowners and landlords of upscale gated communities.

It is a high quality and multi use product, which has a wide variety of applications.


Sealcoating your asphalt pavement or road is highly recommended as it will significantly extend its lifespan and leave it looking sparkling.


We find that customers living in areas of heavy rain and water damage to their roads choosing sealcoating as a solution for their needs.

However, sealcoating may also be used and is also highly beneficial for climes which see a lot of heat and sunshine.


Whether to sealcoat or use an asphalt rejuvenator is a personal choice and one which is supported either way, by our premium asphalt paving contractors.

However, as a general rule, we tend to find rejuvenators highly popular in more arid, warmer climes and sealcoating being chosen in the wetter or colder areas of the country.

Ultimately, the choice is yours!